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V Rising: What To Do With Sawdust and Stone Dust

V Rising What To Do With Sawdust and Stone Dust

In V Rising, players will slowly progress through a lot of useful buildings. As you start using the Sawmill and the Grinder, you will get to collect a lot of Sawdust and Stone Dust. Though you will have them in abundance, most players will probably wonder what they are even supposed to do with them. Should you just get rid of them? Well, if you have enough patience, you will actually get to learn some new stuff if you keep enough of these bad boys. So, to help you decide what you are going to do with them, here is what you can do with Sawdust and Stone Dust in V Rising.

What to Do with Sawdust in V Rising

Sawdust is the first kind of “excess” resource that you will get in V Rising. Unfortunately, you will now realize that it is relatively useless.

Players will get Sawdust each time they use the Sawmill and Wood together. Though you will get a lot of Planks, you will also get Sawdust for each piece of Wood destroyed.

Well, the only thing that you can do with Sawdust in V Rising is make Paper at the Paper Press. To unlock the Paper Press structure, you will need to research at the Study. Since you will need Paper to discover this, the Paper Press will become a bit of an annoying discovery.

What to Do with Stone Dust in V Rising

Stone Dust is much more useful than Sawdust in V Rising, as it will help you craft the Whetstone at the Forge. Since the Whetstone will be useful in crafting a lot of other items, Stone Dust will become a must-have resource at the start of the game.

To get Stone Dust, all you need to do is place Stones inside the Grinder and let it work. For each Stone Brick that you get, you will also receive a piece of Stone Dust.

And that is all you need to know about what to do with Sawdust and Stone Dust in V Rising. Check out other interesting V Rising guides and articles:

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