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V Rising: Cyril the Cursed Smith Location and Guide

V Rising Cyril the Cursed Smith Location and Guide

There are three acts that players will have to fight through to reach the mighty and powerful Shard Bearer V Blood bosses in V Rising. The final boss of Act 2 will be Cyril the Cursed Smith, and defeating him will finally allow you to craft weapons that will get you over Gear Level 60. By killing Cyril the Cursed Smith in V Rising and taking his V Blood, you will learn how to build the Anvil. This structure will get you access to Dark Silver and Sanguine weapons, which are the second-best, ignoring the Legendary weapons. Here is the exact location where you can find Cyril the Cursed Smith V Blood boss in V Rising, and how to defeat him and his ghost weapons.

Cyril the Cursed Smith Location in V Rising

V Rising Cyril the Cursed Smith Location Map Cursed Village
Screenshot by Raider King

The location where you can find Cyril the Cursed Smith in V Rising is the Cursed Village in the central part of the Cursed Forest region. You can see the location in the image above.

Cyril the Cursed Smith will be waiting at the end of the village, at the northernmost point. You will have to pass through a lot of ghosts to get to him. This will also give you a hint as to how the battle with Cyril will be since he will also only use Illusion magic against you.

The best way to get to the Cursed Village would be to use the eastern Waygate in the region if you have already discovered it. If you haven’t we would strongly recommend you go there.

You will also need to bring the Shroud of the Forest with you if you wish to actually see anything on the map since the Curse of the Forest will make you blind.

How to Defeat Cyril the Cursed Smith in V Rising

V Rising How to Defeat Cyril the Cursed Smith Guide
Screenshot by Raider King

Cyril the Cursed Smith is a powerful level 65 V Blood boss that will cause you a lot of problems. The main reason why he can be annoying is that he is a controller-type boss. He will summon a lot of helpers and will leave dangerous “objects” all over the battlefield.

Cyril himself isn’t that dangerous, as he will only use four attacks, which are based on the weapon he summons. If he summons a sword, he will lunge at you and try to slash you.

When he brings forth the mace, Cyril will jump into the air and slam the ground, summoning a lot of orbs that fly in a circle. These can be very dangerous and will deal a lot of damage if they hit you.

He will also use a spear to throw javelins at you, which are very powerful. The last weapon he can use are slashers, which he uses to dash at you very fast. This can be one of the hardest attacks to avoid.

The real problem with this battle is that every time he summons a new weapon, the old one starts flying around him, still using the attacks we just described. So, if he just used the javelin throw and is now using a sword, you can randomly be surprised by a flying spear throwing projectiles at you.

The best way to combat this is to attack him and ignore the weapons if you can. If they are close enough, try to take them out before they destroy you. This way, you should be able to defeat Cyril the Cursed Smith in V Rising.

Recommended Spells and Weapons

Cyril the Cursed Smith is extremely dangerous at close range, as most of his weapons work when he is in melee range. The best weapon to use against him are the pistols. They can deal the exact type of damage you might want to deal to Cyril.

The Unholy spells might be the best choice for this battle, as they will allow you to deal more damage to Cyril and finish him off fast before too many weapons spawn around you. The Veil of Bones will work great if you want to defeat Cyril quickly.

The Ward of the Damned is also an incredible choice to defend from the annoying spear and slashers. It will allow you to get some skeleton helpers to distract Cyril from your pistols’ onslaught.

Also, the Shroud of the Forest cape is a must if you actually want to see what is happening around you. Without it, it will be almost impossible to avoid all of the attacks from this V Blood boss.

Cyril the Cursed Smith – Rewards

When you defeat Cyril the Cursed Smith for the first time in V Rising, you will get these rewards:

  • Wraith Spear → Illusion Projectile Spell. Dash backward and throw a projectile in front of you that will Weaken the opponent.
  • Anvil → Structure. The Anvil allows you to craft the highest-level weapons in V Rising.
  • Dark Silver Ingot → Recipe. It’s a component that will help you craft some of the highest-tier weapons in the game.

And that is all you need to know about Cyril the Cursed Smith and how to get the Anvil in V Rising. Check out other interesting V Rising guides and articles:

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