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Sun Haven: Where and How to Get Hardwood

Sun Haven Where and How to Get Hardwood

Wood is one of the most important resources in Sun Haven. As you progress through the game, you will realize that wood becomes less and less useful and, suddenly, hardwood becomes the new, main resource. You will need it for special hardwood planks, beams, and the last house tier. Luckily, you’ve probably seen hardwood all over your farm and just haven’t been able to cut it. Here is where and how you can find, get, and cut hardwood in Sun Haven.

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How to Get Hardwood in Sun Haven

If you are wondering what hardwood looks like in Sun Haven, you can look at the image at the top of the guide to see the giant tree trunks. If you tried cutting those with a normal axe, you would get a notification that you need a better one.

The necessary material that you will need for your axe to cut hardwood in Sun Haven is adamant. So, only an adamant axe or better will be able to cut hardwood tree trunks.

If you are wondering how far away you are from this axe, here is the progression you will probably go through before getting an adamant axe: Rusty → Copper → Iron → Adamant.

Players can find adamant ore in the Sun Haven mine once they reach floor 19. To get there, they will either need a lot of rusty keys or 11 copper keys and 8 iron keys.

Also, you will need level 20 in exploration to use an adamant axe. In general, you will need level 20 to use adamant equipment in general, as you need level 15 for iron, and so on.

Where to Find Hardwood in Sun Haven

The place where you will find a lot of hardwood in Sun Haven at the start is your own farm. After taking down all those trees, you can just head west in the forest and walk for a bit. There should be a lot of hardwood tree trunks all over the western forest.

And that is all you need to know about this important material in Sun Haven. Check out other interesting Sun Haven guides and articles:

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