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Stray: How to Find All Four Notebook Locations

Stray All 4 Notebook Locations

Fans of Stray will initially confront the red-cloaked neighborhood defender, Guardian, as soon as they step foot in the slums. If they show him or any other robots the postcard from the outside that they picked up a little earlier, he will also suggest chatting to Momo. To help Momo out, the cat must locate four notebooks that are concealed across the shantytowns. Here are all of these four notebooks’ locations in Stray.

All 4 Notebook Locations in Stray

Stray All 4 Notebook Locations Talk with Momo

Momo’s Notebook (1/4)

Momo will give them his notebook after chatting with the cat and announcing that he is done daydreaming about the outer world. After reviewing the first notebook, Stray’s robot companion B-12 will offer advice on where to find the other three. They all have the Outsiders insignia, which is a white face with a circle for a mouth on a blue background, and conceal themselves in the high adjacent buildings.

Zbaltazar’s Notebook (2/4)

After acquiring Momo’s Notebook, the Stray must exit the building and turn left. A tall building with enclosed metal fences and a large blue Outsiders sign on the roof should be visible. Once on the roof, you must remove the energy cell from the fan to gain access to the residence. There, beneath a box close to the sofa, they can find Zbaltazar’s Notebook.

Doc’s Notebook (3/4) – Stray

Stray All 4 Notebook Locations Notebook 3

In a safe that is locked in a book-filled apartment, the Stray can locate Doc’s Notebook. Look for an illuminated sign with the Outsiders’ emblem adjacent to a rooftop with a couch and a television. This is where users may find the notebook’s location. Once entering the flat, they must find Doc’s bedroom and interpret the writing on the bed. They will find that Doc has a safe tucked away below a few of the nearby books.

When B-12 has finished deciphering the message, The Stray will receive the key. They may access the main section of the flat by ascending a ladder at the end of a row of bookcases. By knocking over a stack of books below ground level, players may use the key to open the safe and get their filthy little paws on Doc’s Notebook.

Clementine’s Notebook (4/4)

Nearly across the hall from Momo’s flat is Clementine’s, where the fourth and final notebook is located. Players will be able to identify the building pretty easily thanks to the large white Outsiders insignia painted on the building’s façade. Clementine’s Notebook is resting on the desk right next to her computer. Squeeze through the glass-paneled sliding door and through the window.

The cat will need to return to Momo’s apartment once they have discovered all four of the Outsiders’ notebooks. He will read the note regarding the design issue in the transceiver. Then, he will fix it after being shown the other three notebooks. Unfortunately, it can’t detect a signal in the slums, so players must travel to Zurk territory to look for a signal.

And that is all you need to know about notebooks in Stray. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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