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Steam Community Shares Frustration Over NBA 2K24 – Top Review Offers Refund Guidance

Steam Community Shares Frustration Over NBA 2K24 - Top Review Offers Refund Guidance

Gamers are protesting against the current installment in 2K’s yearly basketball franchise, NBA 2K24 over on Steam. The game currently has an overwhelmingly negative reception that doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon.

Fans of 2K’s NBA franchise are experiencing their own version of the famous WWE 2K20 controversy with the newest installment as the game is being accused of being an effortless copy and paste of last year’s entry.

Throughout nearly every review on Steam, fans are expressing anger over the game’s lack of new animations from last year’s entry, poor graphics, a lack of cross-platform multiplayer, and performance issues.

Said performance issues range from the game having random frame rate drops to the game crashing frequently. Several reviews that state their PC can run next-gen games such as Starfield perfectly are struggling to run NBA 2K24.

There have also been many complaints about the game’s online servers having issues. The most pressing of these issues is the large presence of cheaters in the online multiplayer this close to release, an issue that has plagued many of 2K’s recent sports titles.

Currently, the game has over 724 negative reviews on Steam, with the review voted as “Most helpful” being a step-by-step guide on how to ask for a refund of the game. In order to find a non-negative review, you must scroll through several pages of negative ones.

Steam Community Shares Frustration Over NBA 2K24 - Top Review Offers Refund Guidance
Image via Steam

A common sentiment in these reviews is that this release was the straw that broke the camel’s back for most of the fanbase. There has been a growing sentiment for years that 2K’s various sports franchises have been growing stagnant for years with each current entry feeling similar to the last without fixing any previous bugs.

In addition to this, many fans of 2K’s sports games are expressing frustration over the publisher’s continued mistreatment of the PC player base. It isn’t uncommon for 2K sports games to launch with broken Steam releases.

NBA 2K24 is currently available to purchase on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series S|X, and PC via Steam. However, as reviews have repeatedly stated, it is not recommended for you to buy it yourself.

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