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Starfield: How to Fix Crashing on PC at the Start of the Game

Starfield How to Fix Crashing on PC At the Start of the Game

There is nothing more predictable than Bethesda. Though they might have released another masterpiece for you to try out, it is kind of impossible to see if the game keeps crashing at the tutorial. By this point, we’ve seen Lin and Heller a million times talking to us. And, since there is no way to save during the opening scene, you will be stuck in an endless loop until you manage to reach the character creation. Sometimes, you might be stuck crashing right after finishing creating your character. So, after we have personally dealt with this issue, here is how you can fix the crashing that happens on PC at the start of Starfield.

How to Fix Crashing on PC in Starfield at the Tutorial and After Character Creation

Now, we are going to get this started by saying there is no surefire way to fix the crashing and stuttering for Starfield.

We have personally been struggling with crashing and stuttering and these methods have made the game playable. However, it is still not in the best shape. Until Bethesda releases a hotfix or a patch, this is the best we’ve got.

Here are three things you can do to stop the crashing on PC for Starfield at the start of the game:

  • Disable VRS
  • Limit FPS using Nvidia Control Panel or AMD Chill
  • Set Upscaling to CAS
  • Install on an SSD

The first thing you can do if you have a powerful graphics card is to disable VRS. This can fix the problem for some of the players. However, if this doesn’t, you should limit the FPS to 60 frames.

You can do this in the Nvidia Control Panel by going into Manage 3D settings, scroll down to find Max Frame Rate and set it to 60 FPS. This is what helped us get past the constant crashing.

The last thing you can do is change the Upscaling setting at the bottom of Display settings to CAS. This will lower the stuttering and also fix almost any crashing, however, the game will look worse than Oblivion.

Most Common Problem

The most common reason why Starfield crashes often and is full of stutters is installing teh game on a Hard Drive. Always install the game on an SSD, as installing it on a HDD will result in a horrible gaming experience, even if you have the best computer pieces.

And that is all you need to know about how to fix crashing in Starfield. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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