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Secrets of Grindea: Card Drop Rates Explained

Secrets of Grindea Card Drop Rates

In Secrets of Grindea, players assume the role of a Collector, a special adventurer that does their best to gather everything there is in the world. Basically, it’s just the game’s way of sarcastically telling you that completing the game at 100% would be the real goal. One of the important items that Secrets of Grindea shows is very important even in the prologue of the game are cards. By defeating enemies, players have a chance of getting a card of that monster which will give them passive bonuses for the rest of the game. In this guide, we will talk a bit about how card drop rates work in Secrets of Grindea and about the best ways to get all the cards.

Card Drop Rates in Secrets of Grindea

All monsters in the game have a chance ranging from 0.2% to 1% of dropping a card when the Collector defeats them. This depends on each monster. For example, the Rabby has a 0.33% chance of dropping a card, while Mrs. Bee has a 1% chance.

However, the developers have decided to make the life of the players easier by increasing the chance each time the monster gets defeated enough times.

Here is how this works: if a monster has a 1% chance of dropping a card (1/100), then the player will increase the card drop rate by defeating the monster 100 times. Once this happens, the rate will double. If the monster has been defeated 200 times, the rate will triple.

However, if the monster has been defeated 300 times, the card drop rate will reach 30%, which is the hard cap for drop rates, no matter what the initial drop rate was.

So, if a monster has a 0.2% drop rate (1/500), you’d have to defeat the monster 1500 times to increase the rate to 30%. This is the worst case scenario, since you are likely to get it a long time before reaching this rate.

This means that generally, defeating any monster 1500 times will guarantee that you have the highest card drop rate for that monster, since 0.2% is the worst rate for any enemy in the game.

And that is all you need to know about card drop rates in Secrets of Grindea. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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