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Roots of Pacha: Rite of Passage Guide – What Each Choice Means

Roots of Pacha Rite of Passage Guide - What Each Choice Means

The first day in the stone age life simulator Roots of Pacha will have you meeting all the villagers before the Rite of Passage. This ritual is the moment when children become adults and start taking life into their own hands. Your character just has to talk to everyone in the village and then go to sleep. Once you do this, a cutscene will start and you will see the Rite of Passage. Each one of the other people in the ritual has given something important to them. When your turn comes, you will get four different choices. Unfortunately, the game never really explains what each one of them means. So, in this guide, we will tell you exactly what you get for each one of the choices in the Rite of Passage in Roots of Pacha.

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Rite of Passage Choices for Roots of Pacha

At the Rite of Passage, players will have four choices. The game alludes to what each one of them will give you, as the important part is written in uppercase, but it would still be nice to know exactly what happens.

So, here are the choices in the Rite of Passage in Roots of Pacha and what buff each one of them will give you:

  • Seeds that GROW QUICKLY into food we can harvest – Plant Growth Speed +10
  • A fish that I was LUCKY enough to catch – Fish Catching +12
  • A flower that blooms like FRIENDSHIP – Charm +4
  • A dish that gives us STAMINA for our day – Max Stamina +20

The Plant Growth Speed and the Max Stamina buffs are incredibly useful and will allow you to do your work much faster and better.

Fishing is relatively easy anyway, so you won’t need that buff. The Charm buff can be good, but getting the best gifts for each character is more than enough to befriend anyone you want.

And that is all you need to know about the Rite of Passage choices in Roots of Pacha. Check out other interesting Roots of Pacha guides and articles:

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