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Roblox Saber Showdown Codes – Are There Any?

Roblox Saber Showdown Codes

Roblox Saber Showdown is a lightsaber fighting game where you get money by defeating other players, which you can use to get more interesting weapons. Since this is just a fighting game, which should be fair for anyone coming in, there aren’t any upgrades you can get to your lightsabers. You can, however, spend money to get new types of lightsabers that will make you look very cool. Normally, most Roblox games have some kind of codes that you can use for advantages. However, there are no codes for Roblox Saber Showdown, since this is just a fun fighting game with lightsabers. Luckily, there are some ways to get free rewards, so if you want those, continue reading.

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All Roblox Saber Showdown Codes List

Roblox Saber Showdown Codes (Working)

There are no working codes for Roblox Saber Showdown.

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How to redeem codes in Roblox Saber Showdown

Since there are no codes for Roblox Saber Showdown, there is no way to redeem anything. If you find anyone saying that there are ways to use codes in this game, they are lying. Most Roblox games usually tease the possibility of codes in the future, however, there is no such thing in this game.

How can you get more Roblox Saber Showdown codes?

Since there are no codes, there isn’t anything you could do to get more codes. However, you can join the official Discord server for Roblox Saber Showdown to get updates in case codes will come out in the future. Or, you can also bookmark this page and just come back here from time to time, since we will keep this guide updated as well.

How to Get Free Money (P) in Roblox Saber Showdown

The developers have decided to give all players 1k P for every 1k likes in Roblox Saber Showdown. If you walk out of the cantina, you should find a screen with a big blue “Claim” button. Press it and you will get 1k P. You should press that button every day since there is no way to know if the game got another 1k likes since you last played.

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