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PlayStation 5 Pro Leaks Claim Console Will Hit 4K 120 FPS and 8K 60 FPS

PlayStation 5 Pro Leaks Claim Console Will Hit 8K 120 FPS!

According to a leak discovered by the outlet Inside Gaming, the rumored PlayStation 5 Pro will be aiming to achieve 4K resolution with 120 FPS frame rate and 8K resolution with 60 FPS frame rate!

The origin of these leaks comes from a little-known YouTube channel known as Moore’s Law is Dead, which has revealed that they have obtained classified documents pertaining to the development of a new model of PlayStation 5.

While this channel has received many criticisms in the past for sharing false information, Insider Gaming has taken the stance that this time the leak has merit.

The PlayStation 5 Pro is allegedly being developed under the codename of ‘Trinity’ and will feature the resolution and frame rate upgrades mentioned above. Alongside these improvements, the Trinity will also feature a rendering speed up to 45% faster than the base PlayStation 5’s.

One of the Trinity’s main goals in development is to achieve a consistent 60 FPS for games that include raytracing. As the standard PlayStation 5 would often need to dip below that desired frame rate for games that included this feature. One notable example is Grand Theft Auto V Expanded and Enhanced, which lowered its frame rate to 30 with Ray Tracing enabled.

The full documents, the Trinity’s specs, and their details are further elaborated on in Insider Gaming’s video on the subject. According to the outlet, the Trinity is being tested on two currently unnamed first-party games.

While these leaked documents do sound impressive, a pinch of skepticism must be taken with these documents. As this leak can quite easily be fake and made by hopeful fans, especially as few games this generation have pushed current consoles to the point of needing stronger power.

Hopefully, we will hear news about the PlayStation 5 Pro from an official source at some point in the near future.

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