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Phasmophobia: Sunny Meadows Mental Institution (Asylum) Map

Phasmophobia Sunny Meadows (Asylum) Map

Remember the old Asylum map that was painfully big and less fun? Thankfully, the developers redesigned the Asylum into Sunny Meadows Mental Institution and Sunny Meadows Restricted, so that it’s still big and spooky enough to be fun. While Sunny Meadows is the full map, the Restricted version is just a portion of the full map except that most of the sections are locked. Meaning, that when you select this map, one of the separate five Restricted areas will be randomly selected for the contract. Read on to find out all about the Sunny Meadows Mental Institution Map in Phasmophobia – the map layout, hiding spots, locations for the cursed possessions, fuse box, and the bone.

The Sunny Meadows Map in Phasmophobia Explained

The Sunny Meadows Mental Institution (or Sunny Meadows for short) was added to Phasmophobia while removing the Asylum map. Asylum was the largest map which had 119 rooms spread over two floors.

Sunny Meadows Map Layout

Phasmophobia Sunny Meadows Institution Map
Image via Phasmo Karotte

Currently, Sunny Meadows Mental Institution is the largest Map in Phasmophobia. It contains 69 rooms, spread over 5 wings and 2 floors, and an outdoor courtyard. The 5 wings are:

  1. Main Wing – ground floor after the entrance
  2. Female Wing – East Wing, ground floor right
  3. Restricted Wing – East Wing, downstairs right
  4. Male Wing – West Wing, ground floor left
  5. Hospital Wing – West Wing, downstairs left

Cursed Possession Locations in Sunny Meadows Map

Luckily for such a large map, all the Cursed Possessions are located inside the Chapel in Sunny Meadows Map. So all the possessions will be spawned at random around the Summoning Circle in the middle of the stage. But for the Monkey Paw, which will spawn at the foot of the large cross.

Fuse Box Locations

In Sunny Meadows, just like in any other map in Phamophobia, the fuse box is not fixed to one location. Following are the 5 possible locations where the fuse box can be found.

Ground floor:

  • In the utility room (which is the first room to the right, after the chapel).
  • In the foyer, on the left wall.
  • In the courtyard, on the wall separating the Chapel.
  • In the Boiler Room that goes through the Kitchen.


  • If it spawns downstairs, it’s always in the main basement hallway, right next to the staircase exit.

Bone Locations

Bones will spawn at random places in all the maps in Phasmophobia, including Sunny Meadows. So, due to the huge size of this map, use the Ouija Board instead of searching every nook and corner of this mental institution. However, it’s much easier to find the bone on the Sunny Meadows Restricted since you have a smaller area to search in.

Sunny Meadows Key Hiding Spots Upstairs

There are many hiding spots in Sunny Meadows Map in Phasmophobia (lower difficulty levels) which are:

  1. After the main entrance, the first room on the left, behind a huge cupboard.
  2. Turn left from the Chapel, first room on the right, inside the lockers.
  3. In the Courtyard, the first room on your left behind the large shelves.
  4. Go right next door to the room, there’s a classroom, behind a bookcase.
  5. Go towards the Kitchens, into the backroom – Boiler Room- behind one of the barrels (use with caution).
  6. Turn left from the Kitchen, towards the bedroom, behind the wardrobe.
  7. Continue down the same hallway, go into the room on the left, behind the large boxes.
  8. In the East Wing, go to the 4th room on your left, behind an overturned bed.
  9. In the East Wing, continue down the same hallway as above, in the room straight ahead at the end of the hallway, behind a bookcase (use with caution).
  10. In the West Wing, in the morgue, inside the lockers.

Sunny Meadows Key Hiding Spots Downstairs

  1. In the East Wing, go downstairs, in the basement, in the first room, behind a brown sofa chair.
  2. In the same hallway, behind the last curtains/ partitions.
  3. In the West Wing, right after coming down the basement stairs, on the right, behind the bookshelf.
  4. After coming down the stairs, in the office room, behind the cupboard.
  5. West Wing, first room on the right, behind the bed.
  6. Before going upstairs, in the last room, behind a curtain.
  7. Upstairs, at the end of the hallway, turn right, behind a large bookshelf.
  8. Continue down the hallway, towards the exit of the West Wing, in the last room, behind a standing bed.
  9. At the entrance of the West Wing, behind a small stretcher/bed right.

Some of the unconventional hiding spots you can use but with caution are:

  1. In the Chapel, beside the piano.
  2. Turn left from the Chapel, climb up a mattress on the ground, beside a stretcher/ bed sitting next to the wall.
  3. From the Chapel, turn left, down the main hallway, on the side of the courtyard, in the laundry room, behind the last steel shelf next to the wall.
  4. In the same laundry room, behind the last washing machine next to the wall.

And that is all you need to know about the Sunny Meadows Mental Institute (Asylum) map in Phasmophobia. Check out other interesting Phasmophobia guides and articles:

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