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Nintendo Direct Announced for September 14th

Nintendo Direct Announced for September 14th

At 10:00 AM EST on September 13th, 2023, video game publisher and console developer Nintendo announced via a post on their account that they would be hosting a Nintendo Direct on September 14th, 2023.

While fans of Super Mario Wonder received a Nintendo Direct focusing on the upcoming release a mere two weeks ago, fans of Nintendo’s regular Directs that show off a variety of first and third-party games have been waiting with bated breath for over three months since the previous Direct.

According to the publisher, tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct will showcase up to 40 minutes of information and trailers about various games coming to Nintendo’s Switch platform. The focus of the Direct will be on games released in the winter 2023 season.

While it is unknown what games will be shown in the Direct, gamers can expect more information on platformers such as Super Mario Wonder and Sonic Frontiers, puzzle games such as Warioware and maybe Professor Layton and The New World of Steam, and maybe even some RPGs such as the upcoming remaster of Monolith Soft’s Baten Kaitos.

With this Direct airing right on the heels of Japan’s upcoming Tokyo Game Show event, it is likely that we will see a wide variety of Japanese RPGs and Action games in the Direct that may get more info at the upcoming showcase.

This upcoming Direct has already faced its fair share of controversy as well, as a well-known leader known as Pyoro revealed last week that he knew what games Nintendo was about to reveal. While the leader hasn’t stated what games there will be, their vague hints have been causing many heated debates among gamers on social media.

The Nintendo Direct will be premiering tomorrow, September 14, at 7 AM PST | 10 AM EST. The Direct’s live stream will be available to view on Nintendo’s YouTube channel as well as on their own website.

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