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“I Parry Everything” Anime Gets July Premiere Date, Unveils Cast and Staff

I Parry Everything Anime Gets July Premiere Date, Unveils Cast and Staff

The upcoming anime adaptation of the light novel series “I Parry Everything: What Do You Mean I’m the Strongest? I’m Not Even an Adventurer Yet!” (Ore wa Subete o “Parry” Suru: Gyaku Kanchigai no Sekai Saikyou wa Boukensha no Yume o Miru) has locked in a July premiere date!

OLM, the animation studio behind popular series like “Pokémon” and “Komi Can’t Communicate,” will be handling the animation production. To celebrate the announcement, a brand new teaser visual and teaser PV have been released, giving fans a glimpse of the upcoming adventure.

Meet the Cast:

The series boasts an impressive cast of voice actors:

  • Noor (CV: Daiki Hamano)
  • Lynne (CV: Maekawa Ryoko)
  • Ines Harness (CV: Nanako Mori)
  • King Clays (CV: Jin Yamanoi)
  • Rein Clays (CV: Junta Terashima)
  • Sig (CV: Shin-ichiro Miki)
  • Dandalg (CV: Kenta Miyake)
  • Mianne (CV: Megumi Toyoguchi)
  • Carew (CV: Toshihiko Seki)
  • Oken (CV: Hidenari Ugaki)
  • Sain (CV: Wataru Hatano)

Creative Team Behind the Scenes

The series is helmed by a talented team of production staff:

  • Director: Dai Fukuyama (known for directing episodes of “Fate/Zero” and “Tales of Zestiria the X”)
  • Series Composition: Shigeru Murakoshi (known for his work on “Dororo” and “Zombieland Saga”)
  • Character Design: Chikako Noma (known for animation direction in “Mob Psycho 100 III” and “Carole & Tuesday”)
  • Music: Tatsuhiko Saiki (known for composing music for “My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!” and “The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen: From Villainess to Savior”)

Fans of the light novel can now mark their calendars and get ready to experience Noor’s hilarious journey of self-discovery and adventure when “I Parry Everything” premieres in July!

Based in Munich, Germany, Adrian Oprea is the Founder of Raider King. He is a writer with a passion for storytelling and a love for all things RPG. When not wielding a keyboard, he can be found exploring fantastical worlds, one quest at a time.
Adrian Oprea
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