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How to Use Picture-in-Picture on PS5

How to Use Picture-in-Picture on PS5

Gamers of the current generation have gotten into the habit of watching YouTube videos or listening to podcasts while they play video games. Because of this, many game console manufacturers like Sony have tried to accommodate gamers by including ways to watch YouTube videos and streams while using the PlayStation 5. It even allows you to place these gaming videos in the corner of your screen while you play! Many people unfortunately don’t know about this feature as it is hidden from view until you look for it. If you didn’t know about this feature or where to find it, here is how to use picture-in-picture, or PiP, on the PS5.

How to Use Picture-in-Picture (PiP) on PS5

To use Picture-in-Picture on PS5, you’ll first need to scroll down the explore menu that very few gamers use. Underneath the advertisements for upcoming games, you will see rows of recommended YouTube videos and streams.

How do you use picture in picture on YouTube PS5?

  1. Click on a YouTube video that seems interesting to you.
  2. Scroll right to the screen button, this will give you the option to either pin the video to the side of your screen or use picture-in-picture mode.
  3. Select which mode you want and then click a game to play on your PlayStation 5.

Upon doing this, your selected YouTube video should be playing in the corner of your screen.

By double pressing the home button on your PlayStation controller you can bring up an options menu for the video. This will allow you to reverse, fast forward, and adjust the size and position of the video you selected.

Unfortunately, there are some limitations to using picture-in-picture mode. It is not currently possible to search for YouTube videos to place on your screen. Instead, you’ll be relying solely on whatever videos PlayStation itself recommends to you.

You also can’t use videos from the browser or any other domains besides YouTube, such as Twitch.

To exit picture-in-picture mode, press the home button your PlayStation controller twice and then hit the options button. This will bring up a menu with options such as “Watch on YouTube”, “Subscribe”, and of course “Exit Picture-in-Picture”.

And that is all you need to know about how to play videos in PiP on the PlayStation 5. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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