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Hollow Knight: Pale King Money Fountain Guide

Hollow Knight Pale King Fountain Money

Hollow Knight is completely packed with all the fun stuff. From unique characters and boss fights to dark caverns and cool abilities, you will find almost everything in Hollow Knight. Players may also come across a fountain in Hollow Knight that will give them amazing rewards for some money. You can drop some Geos and, in return, this fountain will drop random gifts. However, not many players know where to find it and how to use it, unfortunately. So for that very reason, in this guide, we will help you with everything you need to know about the money fountain (Pale King Fountain) in Hollow Knight, including its location and how to use it.

Hollow Knight Pale King Money Fountain – Location

In Hollow Knight, there is a fountain known as the Pale King Fountain. Players can drop some geos at Pale King Fountain and receive numerous rewards in return. The type of reward that players will get depends on the amount of geos that they drop.

Hollow Knight Pale King Fountain Location
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Pale King Fountain is located in the Ancient Basin. At the center of Ancient Basin, you will find a chamber, as shown in the map above. You will find a path on the right side of this chamber. Make your way through this path and that is where you will find the Pale King Fountain.

Hollow Knight Pale King Money Fountain – Rewards

The Pale King money fountain in Hollow Knight will ask you to give all your geos. Though the Fountain says that, you can actually only give it 3,000 geos. If you have less than 3k geos when you give “everything you have,” you won’t get any rewards.

So, to actually get a reward from the Pale King money fountain, you will have to donate 3k geos. Even if you donate 2k or less at some point in your playthrough, you can come back later and give the rest then.

For your 3k goes, the Pale King fountain will reward you with a Vessel Fragment. If you get 3 of these fragments, you will get a Soul Vessel, which will increase your SOUL by 33.

And that is all you need to know about Pale Knight money fountain in Hollow Knight. Check out other interesting Hollow Knight guides and articles:

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