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HOI4 (Hearts of Iron IV): How to Get More Manpower

HOI4 (Hearts of Iron IV) How to Get More Manpower

Hearts of Iron IV, commonly known as HOI4, is a captivating grand strategy video game that transports players to the tumultuous era of the Second World War. Developed and published by Paradox Interactive, it grants players the opportunity to assume control of a nation and shape its destiny, whether through peaceful stewardship or aggressive expansion. In the throes of war, one crucial element underpins military might: manpower. This article delves into the mechanics of manpower in HOI4, exploring methods to bolster its numbers gradually through population growth and industry, as well as instantaneous through means such as conscription policies and the mobilization of reserves. Understanding and effectively managing manpower is vital to success on the battlefield and achieving one’s strategic objectives.

How to Get More Manpower in HOI4

There are multiple methods to acquire more manpower, either instantly or slowly, in HOI4. We’ll list them all down and get through each one of them individually.

Enact New Conscription Laws

The easiest and most straightforward of all methods to get more manpower in HOI4, the player can increase the conscription law up to Extended Conscription (5% of the recruitable population) in peacetime and up to Scraping the Barrel (25% of the recruitable population) in wartime.

Ethiopia and Switzerland have unique conscription laws, but we won’t be mentioning them since they are just limited to their respective countries.

Conscription laws are tied to war support, so it will not be possible to change your conscription law if your war support is low. Conversely, people will demand you change it if you fall below the threshold.

If you’re on Extended Conscription and your war support goes below the 60% needed, there will be a timed decision to lower the conscription. Take it, and your conscription law goes down, though you do get some PP to compensate for it. Fail it, and you’ll lose stability continuously until your war support reaches the threshold once more or until you lower the law in question.

All conscription laws require 150 PP to change, and most nations will, by default, start in Volunteer Only (1.5% of the recruitable population). Since mobilization takes a while, it’s best to change your laws before any war starts, lest your troops start experiencing issues on the front lines.

Completing Focuses and Taking Decisions

Some HOI4 focuses, especially on Fascist and Communist nations, will allow the player to gain more manpower by increasing the recruitable population factor. Italy is a great example of a recent update that sees lots of increases to their recruitable population after taking certain steps to boost Mussolini’s or the Grand Council’s image.

Likewise, some decisions that affect core provinces (like the US granting statehood to Alaska) can see manpower increase immediately since the province has gone from an occupied state to a core province, thereby removing the debuff from being classified as the former.

Land Doctrines

Another method to increase the recruitable population factor is to adopt certain land doctrines. Mass Assault is a great method and was preferred by the Soviet Union since it focuses more on throwing massive amounts of men at the enemy and hoping they break. As Stalin said, quantity is a quality of its own, and that much is exemplified in that doctrine.

The second lesser-known land doctrine in HOI4 for manpower is, surprisingly, the Mobile Warfare doctrine. Take the desperate defense tree and replicate Germany’s desperate fight against the Allies during the end stage of the Second World War.

Appointing the Right Advisors

For now, there is only one advisor in HOI4 to help with manpower: The Prince of Terror. Their specialty is increasing non-core manpower, which is great if you’re controlling large swaths of territory that are neither claimed nor cored by your nation.

Adjust Occupation Law and Garrison

One thing players do not keep much focus on is the occupation of conquered nations. Depending on the garrison template, it may take a large chunk out of your available manpower in HOI4. In some cases, the default garrison template is actually your infantry division, which is a huge waste of its capabilities and ties down troops unnecessarily.

If you require your garrison troops to be freed up for combat duties, it may be wise to seek garrison support from your allies and puppets. Once they take over garrison duties, the manpower you had allocated for this task will now return to your pool.

Adjusting the occupation law to allow for a gentler approach will see more people willingly join your army, even if they are not claimed or cored. The same approach works for increasing compliance, as high compliance will increase the recruitable population by +25% in total.

Monthly Population Growth

This is the slowest method by far, but this passive modifier can be increased through certain national focuses, like Italy’s La Battaglia per le Nascite. By default, a state’s population will increase by +0.125% each month. The increase is then divided by the civilian population and the recruitable population.

Take More States

Well, this seems fairly simple. Taking more states permanently in HOI4 will increase your recruitable population, especially if they are a core province as they will no longer require any garrison troops and will instantly contribute to your manpower pool.


In some cases, some events and focuses in HOI4, when taken or shown, will grant a flat amount of manpower. This works differently from the recruitable population factor, as this is immediately added to the manpower pool.

Disbanding unneeded units, ships, or planes, will also see their manpower added back into the manpower pool.

It should be mentioned that manpower can be lost suddenly if a state is captured by the enemy.

And that is all you need to know about how to get more manpower in HOI4. Check out other interesting HOI4 guides and articles:

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