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HOI4 (Hearts of Iron IV): How to Form Holy Roman Empire

HOI4 (Hearts of Iron IV) How to Form Holy Roman Empire

Hearts of Iron IV (HOI4) is a beloved grand strategy game and the latest installment in the Hearts of Iron franchise, exclusively set in the Second World War. Developed by Paradox Interactive, it offers players both historical and ahistorical options for nation management in a sandbox environment. Among the intriguing choices, HOI4 players can recreate an Empire that defies conventional notions—the Holy Roman Empire. In this article, we delve into the essential events and decisions necessary to bring this legendary entity back to life. Hearts of Iron IV’s captivating blend of historical accuracy and alternate narratives empowers players to shape a compelling new storyline amidst the chaotic backdrop of World War II.

How to Form the Holy Roman Empire (HRE) in HOI4

To form the Holy Roman Empire in HOI4, you will need to start as Germany in 1936 and get rid of the Fascists. To start, Germany must not go down the path of remilitarization. As such, take the Oppose Hitler focus immediately and prepare for the upcoming Civil War.

Since Western Germany will back the coup plotters, we are at a great stage military-wise since a push through Franken will isolate the divisions still in Bavaria, leading us to outnumber the Nazis by a great deal. A lot of the better generals, such as Manstein, Rommel, and Guderian, will be on our side, giving the military junta a great shot at winning.

Truth be told, it’d take a colossal mistake to mess this up, but should you want any further aid, send all your available equipment to another nation at war (Italy is a great choice) a day before the focus completes, and then immediately after the war starts, stop the lend lease. You’ll have the equipment all to yourself instead of having to share it with the Nazis.

Likewise, if you take any territory, such as Poland or Czechoslovakia, before taking this focus, you’ll retain control of those areas, which means the Nazis have one more front to worry about and can potentially expose their line for sudden flanking attacks while they hurriedly try to deal with your other fronts.

An important decision to take during the civil war is the Air Safety Regulation decision. Failure to do so will cause you to re-do everything from scratch since this is the first step to restoring the Holy Roman Empire.

Likewise, if any decisions or events pop up regarding the British, always choose to take their side.

The Kaiser

After winning the Civil War, complete the Secure the State and Revive the Kaiserreich focuses. Once done, start taking pro-Kaiser options to secure the popularity of the non-aligned party before we can move along.

Here comes the tricky part. After completing the Return of the Kaiser focus, the Netherlands must block Wilhelm II’s attempt to return to power.

This can be done by switching to the Netherlands if playing in non-ironman mode, or if playing in Ironman mode, disbanding your entire army (so that the Dutch won’t fear your response).

If the Dutch allow Wilhelm II to retake the throne, we cannot proceed with our plan to form the Holy Roman Empire in HOI4. Once they’ve blocked Wilhelm II, choose to have Wilhelm III as your Kaiser instead.

The Succession Laws and the British

We need to take the two decisions Reinstate Prince Wilhelm’s Right of Succession and Modernize Succession Laws while making progress along the British-aligned path.

For this path, take the focuses Expatriate the CommunistsAccept British Naval Dominance, and Alliance in the Shade.

The British must accept your offer to join the Allies for us to continue. Once in the Allies, a new decision pops up: Request Restoration of British Titles, which is heavily dependent on the opinion of the British.

This is where the earlier caution against anti-British choices comes in handy, as we only need to keep improving relations (diplomatic action) with the British to finally get this decision fired.

Once taken, you’ll be given the choice of sending Princess Victoria Louise ahead as a liaison or if the entire Royal family will travel together. Send Princess Victoria ahead so that she will not die, as following this decision, the entire Royal Family dies in the Hindenburg crash, making Victoria the Kaiserin of this Empire.

The Kaiserin Victoria

Now ruling as Kaiserin, Victoria has the unique option of restoring the Holy Roman Empire in HOI4, but this is not easy since it requires acquiring the natural borders of the Empire. This means taking on the Italians, the French, the Dutch, the Belgians, the Austrians, the Czechslovaks, the Luxembourgians, and the Swiss, though not all at once.

Since the British are our allies, we can rest assured that they will not support any other nation in the conflict. It’s best to get rid of easy targets such as Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Switzerland before taking on France.

You can declare war on both France and Czechoslovakia at the same time by attacking the latter since they are usually guaranteed by the former. The Czechoslovaks should be easy pickings due to the country being surrounded by Germans, and the former should still have a disjointed government focus by this point (where the surrender limit is highly reduced).

This makes France an easy target since bypassing the Maginot Line is now possible thanks to the annexation of Belgium and/or Switzerland.

The Italians are last and should not be difficult, provided the best templates are being used since Italy’s northern area is composed of urban cities and mountains.

Once all the requirements are met, Kaiserin Victoria will victoriously proclaim the dawn of a new era, one where the HRE will reign supreme once again.

And that is all you need to know about how to form the Holy Roman Empire in HOI4. Check out other interesting HOI4 guides and articles:

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