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HOI4 (Hearts of Iron IV): Best Mods

HOI4 (Hearts of Iron IV) Best Mods

Hearts of Iron IV (HOI4) is the latest pinnacle in the esteemed grand strategy series, Hearts of Iron, once again entrusting players with the momentous role of a nation’s leader. Crafted by the ingenious minds at Paradox Interactive, HOI4 has flourished into a sprawling canvas, inviting players to delve into a myriad of iconic and captivating mods. These awe-inspiring modifications enrich the gaming experience, allowing players to forge unique and immersive narratives. In this article, we embark on a thrilling journey through the finest HOI4 mods, exploring why they are a must-play for all Hearts of Iron IV enthusiasts, and providing the essential download links to embark on your transformative grand strategy adventure.

Best Mods for HOI4


The most popular mod for HOI4 by a longshot, no article would be complete without mentioning Kaiserreich. Set in an alternate world where Germany won World War 1, the post-war years have gone much differently than what it did historically. 

Russia has fallen under a nationalist fervor and seeks to undo the gains the Germans won. The Commune of France and the Union of Britain are now syndicalist nations seeking to avenge the sacrifices in the First Weltkrieg against Germany. America descends ever closer to anarchy with multiple factions vying for control of the sleeping giant.

In the world of Kaiserreich, there is no bad nation. Every major to minor nation, will all have their own unique focus tree, decisions, and events that breathe life once more into Hearts of Iron IV. No playthrough will ever be the same, with the number of decisions played throughout the map.

From every corner of the map, a nation with a destiny awaits. Will you lead the Kuomintang party to take over China finally? Hold the crumbling Ottoman Empire together as tides of rebellion wash over it? Can the rump syndicalist Argentina hold off its neighbors and incorporate them into Andesia?

The choice is yours in this ultimate sandbox experience in both alternative history and Hearts of Iron IV.

The New Order: Last Days of Europe

The name itself can evoke tones of a bleak future and that’s exactly what the developers of this much-beloved mod have gone for. The new world order is built on shaky grounds in a world where the Axis powers have thoroughly dominated their opponents. Each faction has its own goals and internal issues and whoever manages to solve theirs first will emerge as the new leader of the world.

Germany may have craved out the Greater German Reich but their once glorious Empire is slowly fading as Hitler’s health continues to decline and his possible successors duke it out. With their devastated economy and an autonomous 

Russia has fallen into disparate petty warlords but should any of them succeed, they could once more start another war to push the German occupiers out.

An ally of Germany, Japan’s Co-Prosperity Sphere is the foremost Asian alliance. Still, resistance is slowly brewing in its occupied territories and only needs a spark to light the fuse.

America, still reeling from the nuclear attack on Pearl Harbor, is determined to embrace its role as the leader of the free world and restore democracy in both Europe and Asia. However, they must contend with the growing internal unrest and need to sort it out before any concrete plans can be made.

Much like Kaiserreich, a cesspool of possibilities awaits you in The New Order.

Road to 56

As the name implies, the main objective of the Road to 56 mod is to bring the game to the year 1956 from its original endpoint of 1948. Apart from this, new focus trees are added while existing ones are being overhauled to provide more entertainment. New troops, new troop experience systems, new difficulties, and new laws provide even more value at this mod, which remains one of the most subscribed of all time.

Millennium Dawn

Set in the modern world, Millennium Dawn aims to bring Hearts of Iron IV to the modern world of 2000 and equip it with a whole new system to shake up the game dramatically. Lead your nation into the new millennium and attempt to maintain or reshape the current world order as you desire.

In Millenium Dawn, numerous new features have been added that make the base game look vanilla by comparison. From a new economic system to taxation mechanics, Millennium Dawn is a must-have for any keen HOI4 fan that wants to spice up their game completely.

Will you seek to push Russia and China away from autocratic ideas? Lead the European Union to be fully independent of the USA? Or reunite the two Koreas under a single banner? As with many mods so far, the choice is entirely yours to decide.

Old World Blues

Based on the popular series, Fallout, Old World Blues is set in the ruined lands of North America. Described as the foremost Fallout experience in Hearts of Iron IV, this claim is warranted as they have managed to bring the world of 2275 to life through various nations, decisions, events, and focus trees.

With a number of features that include but are not limited to 92 unique focus trees, a 3D model for every unit, and a 3D model that accurately reflects the unique locations in the Fallout universe.

With a wide set of nations to play, Old World Blues successfully scratches the Fallout itch for any Hearts of Iron IV fan while bringing the atmosphere of the wastelands to life.

Cold War Iron Curtain: A World Divided

Cold War Iron Curtain: A World Divided allows the player to travel back in time during the start and height of the Cold War and relive the tensions of a possible nuclear armageddon during that period.

As the world enters a new period, the player is given the choice of either spreading their views and overlordship peacefully or under the guise of covert operations and dictatorships.

Featuring 10-20 years worth of content for major and minor nations alongside a new research tree much larger than that in the base game and new political systems such as DEFCON, the UN, the US Elections, and much more, the mod is definitely a must-have for any fans of the time period.

Although still incomplete so far, the dev team has been hard at work at adding new features such as content that spans up to the 1990s as well as a reworked trading system and new start date that allows the player to witness firsthand the twilight years of the Soviet Union.

Best HOI4 Mods – Honorable Mentions

The Great War

As the title suggests, The Great War is set in the period leading up to the First World War and tasks the player with leading a nation through the intricacies of the period. With a single potential mistake leading to the deaths of millions, the player must tread carefully and diplomatically to change the course of history.

With a unique focus tree for the major war participants, The Great War aims to uniquely allow the player to experience the time period and make several alternate decisions to either the betterment or detriment of their controlled nation. Heavily set in the time period when trenches and gas attacks came to define the world, all mechanics have been fined tuned towards the goal of replicating the Great War.

A robust research tree, historical events, and new land doctrines make this mod to any collection. However, remember that the game proceeds slowly as the early 20th century focuses more on diplomacy and calculated actions than wars. Still, this mod is the best Great War mod out there and deserves a shot.

The Thousand Week Reich

Another alternate scenario, the Thousand Week Reich singles out the idea that after the fall of France, Britain, and Germany eventually came to a begrudging white peace that allows the Germans to concentrate on the Soviets in 1941 fully. After a grueling and costly war, Germany stands as the dominant power in Europe but not all is as it seems.

Beneath the surface, Hitler’s fading health fosters instability and this in turn leads to his potential successors all battling each other for the Reich. Battered but not broken, Britain has joined forces with America, which desires a return of democracy to the world stage. Russia, ever splintered, is rife with warlords eager to put the motherland back on the map, regardless of the government type.

At the same time, Japan was ground down to a halt by a unified China (under Chiang Kai-Shek), which is eager to take Japan’s place as the preeminent Imperialist power in Asia. While the French mainland is under the control of a German puppet, Charles de Gaulle eagerly plots the return of his forces to the heartland and the liberation of France.

With a diverse focus tree for most nations, new mechanics for the UN, custom decisions and mechanics for many nations, and tons of new events and routes to go through, this mod easily gets a place in this best mods for HOI4 list.

Equestria at War

Normally not a world with wars and all, the setting of Equestria at War comes with a darker twist as the times of industrialization, corruption, and political disagreements cover the world of Equestria with dark tides. Wars will be raged, nations will be conquered, and many races of the world will be sacrificed to the meat grinder.

With unique focus trees for 100 nations, a custom map, expanded technology trees to suit the environment, and custom artwork for the game, it is no wonder why this mod is much played despite the oddity of its setting. The dev team is continuously updating the world at large, adding new stations and refining existing ones.

Pax Britannica

In another alternate history scenario, Imperial Britain stands as the premier power of its time, ruling over a billion souls while the Habsburgs of Austria have managed to unite Germany over the Hohenzollerns.

In Russia, the Tsar family of Romanov defeated its opponents and claimed sovereignty from the Baltics to the Pacific. Tesla’s technological advances have brought about the Second Rennaissance and led to the birth of new technologies.

If only this were the case. After the Great War, Japan has fallen into a republican revolution, and Spain, under the Bourbon monarchy, descended into anarchy. With a generation scarred and mutilated by this war, the world was never the same.

Now, with Imperial Russia falling to the tides of revanchist ideas, France attempting to reassert its place among the Great Powers, Japan ready to unleash its republican ideas forcefully on Asia, and the United Commonwealth pushing for independence from Imperial Britain, nothing is certain save for the inevitable end of the Pax Britannica.

Pax Britannica so far is at work, with only full focus trees for Imperial Britain, the United Kingdoms of Germany, France, and the United Commonwealth, there is much to be desired but the team is hard at work and the world itself provides a unique style and story that cannot be found elsewhere.

Based in Santa Rosa, Philippines, Jonathan Ledesma is a Freelance Writer for Raider King.
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