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Facebook Down: Users Logged Out, No Access Across Platforms

Facebook Down Users Logged Out No Access Across Platforms

Facebook users worldwide are currently experiencing an outage, with over 500 thousand reports surging on platforms like Downdetector. Users attempting to access the social media platform are being automatically logged out, and attempts to log back in are failing with an “expired login” message.

The outage appears to be affecting the main Facebook app as well as other platforms owned by Meta, such as Instagram and Messenger. DownDetector, a website that tracks online service outages, shows a significant spike in reports starting around 3 PM UTC.

The cause of the outage is currently unknown, and Meta has yet to officially acknowledge the issue. Users are expressing frustration on other social media platforms, highlighting the importance of Facebook for communication and business purposes.

This is a developing story, and we will update it as new information becomes available.

Additional Information:

  • You can check the status of the outage on Downdetector:
  • Users are advised to wait for an official communication from Meta regarding the outage and potential resolution timeframe.
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