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Expeditions: Rome – Difficulty Differences

Expeditions Rome - Difficulty Differences

One of the first things you will need to do in Expeditions: Rome after creating your character is selecting the difficulty you will want to play for the rest of the game. Unfortunately, there are 4 choices and most players will wonder what the actual differences between these difficulty options are. Are the enemies just beefier? Are they smarter? Do you get worse loot at the Insane difficulty? What is the recommended difficulty? These are all questions most players probably wonder as they look to choose one of the 4 difficulty options in front of them. In this guide we will tell you exactly what aspects of the game change and what the differences between the difficulty options in Expeditions: Rome are, to help you make an educated choice.

The Differences Between the Difficulty Options in Expeditions: Rome

There are 4 difficulty options in Expeditions: Rome:

  • Augustus – Easy
  • Caesar – Normal
  • Pompeius – Hard
  • Crassus – Insane

The actual parts of the game that will be influenced by this decisions are:

  • AI Difficulty – AI’s intelligence in battles. The higher it is, the better the AI is at taking out your archers and support, making your battles harder.
  • Karma Threshold – Determines how many bad or good events you get on the world map.
  • Injury Probability – Determines how likely your characters are to suffer injuries after being incapacitated.
  • Enemy Damage – Changes a modifier that decides how much damage enemies do to your characters.
  • Enemy Reinforcement Interval – Determines how many turns are before reinforcements join the enemies.
  • Resources and Battles – Determines how many items and how much loot you find on the world map and how powerful enemy armies are. Also influences your casualties in legion battles.

This means that the actual stats and number of enemies in battle isn’t decided by difficulty. The only things that will make your battles harder in Hard or Insane difficulty will be the fact that your support characters will often be targeted first, you will likely get a lot of injuries, and that the enemies will hurt you worse than in other difficulties.

Otherwise, unless you find yourself in a lot of battles where there are a lot of reinforcements for the enemies, you won’t really feel a huge difference in game play. The Karma and Resources modifiers aren’t that important since you have an endless time on the world map, allowing you to prepare for each legion battle accordingly.

Recommended Difficulty in Expeditions: Rome

The recommended difficulty for most players that just started playing Expeditions: Rome would be Caesar (Normal). With this difficulty choice, players will face the fairest version of the game, with no real buffs or debuffs to the player or enemies.

And that is all you need to know about the differences between the difficulty options in Expeditions: Rome. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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