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Expeditions: Rome – Best Starting Class

Expeditions Rome - Best Starting Class

The first choice you will have in the roleplaying game Expeditions: Rome is choosing your starting class and ability. Though it might seem like a straightforward decision, most players want to select the best one for their difficulty and personality. Some people prefer getting up close with two weapons, while others love sniping their enemies with arrows from hundreds of yards. In this guide we will tell you which starting class is the best in Expeditions: Rome, which subclasses work the best, and which class to always avoid.

Best Starting Class and Subclass in Expeditions: Rome

There are 4 starting classes in Expeditions: Rome, without the Death or Glory DLC:

  • Princeps
  • Veles
  • Sagittarius
  • Triarius

The best starting class in Expeditions: Rome for the Insane difficulty is the Veles. The Veles Assassin has the best skills and abilities out of all the classes in the late game, as it can eliminate almost all non-leader enemies in one or two turns.

However, if this is your first time playing the game, then you should go for the Triarius class with your main skills in the Destroyer subclass. During the game you will recruit exactly 2 Princeps, 1 Veles, 1 Sagittarius, and 1 Triarius, with the Triarius having a focus in the Medic subclass.

This means that a Destroyer Triarius is the best choice for new players that want to feel unique and play differently from their team.

The worst class to choose for your main character in this Roman game is the Princeps class, since this would result in you having 3 Princeps (tanks) fighting alongside each other, making most battles slow and boring.

And that is all you need to know about the best starting class in Expeditions: Rome. Check out other interesting Expeditions: Rome guides and articles:

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