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CK2 (Crusader Kings II): All Traits in AGOT (A Game Of Thrones) Mod

CK2 Crusader Kings II AGOT A Game Of Thrones

The best mod in the history of Crusader Kings II (CK2) is, by far, the A Game Of Thrones (AGOT) mod. Because of this there are many people that need advice in the newly added mechanics that mod developers have created. The traits in the CK2 AGOT mod are abundant. From special Valyrian Steel sword names, to weird Lifestyle characteristics, there are many new traits added in the CK2 AGOT mod that you will need to see for yourself. So, here is a list of all the traits in the AGOT mod.

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All Traits in CK2 AGOT Mod

CK2 Crusader Kings II AGOT A Game Of Thrones Traits Bloodlines

To find the CK2 AGOT traits faster, make sure to use the table of content above. Here are all the traits in the CK2 AGOT mod:

Education Traits

TraitIDTrait NameTrait Effect
amateurish_plotterAmateurish Plotter+1 intrigue
flamboyant_schemerFlamboyant Schemer+3 intrigue
intricate_webweaverIntricate Webweaver+6 intrigue
elusive_shadowElusive Shadow+9 intrigue
naive_appeaserNaive Appeaser+1 diplomacy
underhanded_rogueGruff Diplomat+3 diplomacy
charismatic_negotiatorCharismatic Negotiator+6 diplomacy
grey_eminenceGrey Eminence+9 diplomacy
indulgent_wastrelIncompetent Steward+1 stewardship
thrifty_clerkCompetent Steward+3 stewardship
fortune_builderSkilled Steward+6 stewardship
midas_touchedBrilliant Steward+9 stewardship
misguided_warriorIncompetent Commander+1 martial
tough_soldierDutiful Commander+3 martial
skilled_tacticianSkilled Commander+6 martial
brilliant_strategistBrilliant Commander+9 martial
detached_priestIncompetent Scientist+1 learning
martial_clericDutiful Academic+3 learning
scholarly_theologianExpert Scientist+6 learning
mastermind_theologianMastermind Scholar+9 learning

Combat Traits

TraitIDTrait NameTrait Effect
poor_warriorPoor Fighter+1 martial
trainted_warriorTrained Fighter+2 martial
skilled_warriorSkilled Fighter+3 martial
master_warriorFormidable Fighter+4 martial

Leadership Traits

TraitIDTrait NameTrait Effect
light_foot_leaderLight Foot Leader+20% light foot troops
heavy_infantry_leaderHeavy Infantry Leader+20% heavy foot troops
cavalry_leaderCavalry Leader+20% mounted troops
inspiring_leaderInspiring Leader+15% morale damage and defense
tricksterTrickster+20% experimentality
organizerOrganizer+20% movement speed
defensive_leaderDefender+25% defence
experimenterDirect Leader+20% leading the center
flankerFlanker+20% flanker
aggressive_leaderAggressive Leader+10% damage
siege_leaderSiege Leader+40% siege
flat_terrain_leaderFlat Terrain Expert+20% plains, farmlands, and steppe
rough_terrain_leaderRough Terrain Expert+20% forests and hills
mountain_terrain_leaderMountain Terrain Expert+20% mountains
desert_terrain_leaderDesert Expert+20% desert
holy_warriorHoly Warrior+30% damage against religious enemies
unyielding_leaderUnyielding+10% defence, +20% morale defence
narrow_flank_leaderBattlefield Terrain Master+50% narrow flank
war_elephant_leaderWar Elephant Leader+20% war elephants, +20% morale damage
jungle_terrain_leaderJungle Expert+20% jungle
winter_soldierWinter Soldier+50% winter combat
back_seat_leaderLeads from the rear+20% defence, -10% morale damage

Birth Traits

TraitIDTrait NameTrait Effect
bastardBastard-1 diplomacy, cannot inherit
legit_bastardLegitimized Bastard-1 diplomacy, can inherit
twinTwin+30 opinion with their twin
adoptedAdopted-1 diplomacy
pregnantPregnant+15 opinion with spouse
child_of_consortChild of Concubine-1 diplomacy

Childhood Traits

TraitIDTrait NameTrait Effect
haughtyHaughty+1 martial
rowdyRowdy+1 martial
affectionateAffectionate+1 diplomacy
playfulPlayful+1 diplomacy
willfulWillful+1 intrigue
broodingBrooding+1 intrigue
indolentIndolent+1 intrigue
conscientiousConscientious+1 stewardship
fussyFussy+1 stewardship
timidTimid+1 learning
curiousCurious+1 learning
idolizerIdolizer+1 learning

Positive Genetic Traits

TraitIDTrait NameTrait Effect
fairAttractive+1 diplomacy
geniusGenius+5 all stats
quickQuick+3 all stats
strongStrong+2 martial
tallGiant+2 martial

Negative Genetic Traits

TraitIDTrait NameTrait Effect
clubfootedClubfooted-1 martial
harelipHarelip-1 diplomacy
hunchbackHunchback-1 martial
lispLisp-1 diplomacy
stutterStutter-1 diplomacy
uglyUgly-1 diplomacy
dwarfDwarf-1 martial
slowSlow-3 all stats
imbecileImbecile-8 all stats
inbredInbred-5 all stats
weakWeak-1 martial

Non-Inheritable Traits

TraitIDTrait NameTrait Effect
robustBrawny+2 martial
feebleFrail-1 martial
shrewdShrewd+2 all stats
dullDull-2 all stats

Health Traits

TraitIDTrait NameTrait Effect
stressedStressed-1 health
depressedDepressed-1 health
lunaticLunatic-50 rationality
possessedPossessed-40 rationality
woundedWounded-1 health
maimedMaimed-2 health
infirmInfirm-3 all stats
incapableIncapable-6 all stats, requires Regent
scarredScarred+0.1 monthly prestige
drunkardDrunkard-2 stewardship
blinded_ageOld Age Blindness-6 martial
blindBlind-10 martial

Maimed Traits

TraitIDTrait NameDescription
one_eyedOne-EyedCharacter is missing an eye
one_handedOne-HandedCharacter is missing a hand
one_leggedOne-LeggedCharacter is missing a leg
disfiguredDisfiguredCharacter is disfigured and wears a mask
disfigured_AGOTDisfiguredCharacter is disfigued but does not wear a mask
mangledMangledCharacter has horribly mangled body
severely_injuredSeverely InjuredCharacter has been maimed and severely injured
crippledCrippledCharacter has been crippled
blindedBlindedCharacter has been blinded
eunuchEunuchCharacter has been castrated

Disease Traits

TraitIDTrait NameTrait Effect
illIll-2 health
sicklySickly-2.5 health
has_tuberculosisConsumption-2 health
has_typhoid_feverHas Winter Fever-3 health
has_typhusCamp Fever-3 health
has_bubonic_plagueHas the Great Sickness-7 health
has_measlesMeasles-2 health
has_small_poxPox-2 health
has_grey_plagueHas Grey Plague-7 health
has_greyscaleHas Greyscale-3 health
greyscale_scarredDisfigured by Greyscale-3 diplomacy
has_bloody_fluxHas the Bloody Flux-2 health
has_poxHas a Pox-2 health
has_red_deathHas the Red Death-7 health
has_butterfly_feverHas the Butterfly Fever-6 health
old_ones_scourgeThe Scourge-2 health
has_aztec_diseaseSyphilitic-3 health
syphiliticGonnorrhea-1 health
pneumonicPneumonic-4 health
leperLeper-2 health
fluFlu-2 health
dysenteryDysentery-4 health
goutGout-2 health
food_poisoningFood Poisoning-3 health
rabiesRabies-7 health
cancerCancer-2.5 health
dancing_plagueDancing Plague-2 health
scurvyScurvy-3 health
lovers_poxLover’s Pox-0.25 health

Symptom Traits

TraitIDTrait NameTrait Effect
coughCough-0.25 health
feverFever-1 stewardship and learning
diarrheaDiarrhea-1 health
vomitingVomiting-1 health
chest_painChest Pain-2 health
crampsCramps-0.5 health
rashRash-0.5 health
headacheHeadache-0.5 health
abdominal_painAbdominal Pain-1 health
fatigueFatigue-0.25 health
malaiseMalaise-0.75 health
infectionInfection-2 health, -3 all stats

Lifestyle Traits

TraitIDTrait NameTrait Effect
squireSquire+1 diplomacy
knightKnight+2 diplomacy
maesterMaester+4 learning
archmaesterArchmaester+5 learning
physicianPhysician+2 learning
kingsguardKingsguard+1 diplomacy
rainbowguardRainbowguard+1 diplomacy
nightswatchBlack BrotherWesterosi opinion +5
turncloakTurncloak-20 opinion
deserterDeserter-20 opinion
wildlingWildling-50 opinion
piratePirate-50 opinion
hedonistHedonist+2 diplomacy
socializerSocializer+3 diplomacy
gamerGame Master+2 diplomacy
poetPoet+1 diplomacy
falconerFalconer+1 diplomacy
duelistDuelist+3 martial
hunterHuntter+2 martial
strategistStrategist+2 martial
gardenerGardener+2 stewardship
administratorAdministrator+3 stewardship
architectArchitect+2 stewardship
impalerTorturer+2 intrigue
seducerSeducer+2 intrigue
seductressSeductress+2 intrigue
schemerMaster Schemer+3 intrigue
greensightGreen Seer+2 intrigue
scholarScholar+3 learning
mysticMystic+2 learning
theologianTheologian+2 learning
celibateCelibate-1000% fertility
widowedWidowedcannot marry
homosexualHomosexual-15% fertility

Positive Personality Traits

TraitIDTrait NameTrait Effect
chasteChaste+1 learning
temperateTemperate+2 stewardship
charitableCharitable+3 diplomacy
diligentDiligent+1 all stats
patientPatient+1 all stats except martial
kindKind+2 diplomacy
humbleHumble+1 monthly piety
honestHonest+3 diplomacy
braveBrave+2 martial
gregariousGregarious+2 diplomacy
ambitiousAmbitious+2 all stats
justJust+2 stewardship
honorableHonorable+10 opinion
familypersonFamily Person+5 opinion
authoritativeAuthoritative+1 martial
fashionableFashionable+1 diplomacy
zealousZealous+2 martial
trustingTrusting+1 diplomacy
eruditeErudite+2 learning

Negative Personality Traits

TraitIDTrait NameTrait Effect
lustfulLustful+1 intrigue
gluttonousGluttonous-2 stewardship
greedyGreedy-1 diplomacy
slothfulSlothful-1 all stats
wrothWroth+3 martial
enviousEnvious+2 intrigue
proudProud+0.5 monthly prestige
deceitfulDeceitful+3 intrigue
cravenCraven-2 martial
shyShy-2 diplomacy
contentContent-1 intrigue
arbitraryArbitrary-2 stewardship
cynicalCynical+2 intrigue
paranoidParanoid+2 intrigue
cruelCruel+1 intrigue
stubbornStubborn-1 learning
rudeRude-1 diplomacy
selfishSelfish+1 stewardship
ruthlessRuthless+2 intrigue

Valyrian Steel

TraitIDTrait NameDescription
dawnDawnAncestral greatsword of House Dayne
iceIceAncestral two-handed greatsword of House Stark
longclawLongclawAncestral sword of House Mormont
longclaw_snowLongclawJon Snow’s Longclaw with wolfhead pommel
blackfyreBlackfyreAncestral sword of House Targaryen
darksisterDark SisterAncestral sword of House Targaryen
lightbringerLightbringerAzor Ahai’s sword of fire
brightroarBrightroarAncestral sword of House Lannister
heartsbaneHeartsbaneAncestral sword of House Tarly
nightfallNightfallAncestral sword of House Harlaw
ladyforlornLady ForlornAncestral sword of House Corbray
redrainRed RainAncestral sword of House Reyne
vigilanceVigilanceAncestral sword of House Hightower
orphan_makerOrphan-MakerAncestral sword of House Roxton
widowswailWidow’s WailKing Joffrey’s sword
oathkeeperOathkeeperJaime’s sword later given to Brienne of Tarth
crabspincerCrab’s PincerAncestral axe of House Celtigar
strangers_mercyStranger’s MercyAncestral sword of House Valkyn
truthTruthAncestral sword of House Rogare
lamentationLamentationAncestral sword of House Royce
poisonPoisonAncestral sword of House Vunatis
valyrian_armourValyrian ArmourA suit of valyrian steel armour

Reforgeable Valyrian Steel

TraitIDTrait NameDescription
concessionSkinpeelerA crooked broadsword designed for extra gore
del_pinoDel PinoA hybrid of a mace and a javelin with a valyrian steel tip
el_swordoGoodswordA fine valyrian steel longsword
angerMother’s GriefA longsword blessed by the High Septon
black_deathBlack DeathAn all black valyrian steel longsword
compassionGloryA longsword with a hilt decorated in gold
gold_swordDornish KissA fine valyrian steel short sword
kingmakerKingmakerA fine valyrian steel longsword
happynessFather’s FuryA gigantic two-handed valyrian steel sword
hubrisTalonA longsword with a pommel in the shape of a bird of prey
rageStranger’s TouchA two-handed sword with pommel shaped as a skull with ruby eyes
the_monarchistTitan’s BiteA two-handed greatsword with blue gems in the hilt
the_usurperDragonbaneA fine valyrian steel longsword with a wing shaped guard
justiceJadeA fine valyrian steel longsword with a jade hilt
passionPassionA fine valyrian steel longsword
sightblinderMourning MaceA mace made out of valyrian steel
worldeaterFinger EaterA valyrian steel hand axe
worlds_envyRakh ArakhAn arakh made out of valyrian steel
valyrian_steelValyrian Steel SwordGeneric reforgable valyrian steel sword

Animal Traits

TraitIDTrait NameTrait Effect
crowCrow+1 diplomacy
whaleWhale+1 diplomacy
sea_lionSea Lion+1 martial
boarBoar+1 martial
dogDog+1 martial
wolfWolf+2 martial
direwolfDirewolf+3 martial
shadowcatShadowcat+3 martial
snowbearSnowbear+3 martial
brownbearBrownbear+3 martial
eagleEagle+4 martial

Dragon Traits

TraitIDTrait NameDescription
dragon_eggDragon EggCharacter has a dragon egg
dragon_riderDragon RiderCharacter rides a dragon
dragon_slayerDragon SlayerCharacter has slain a dragon
dragon_dreamsDragon DreamsCharacter has dragon dreams
dragonDragonCharacter is a dragon
wounded_dragonWoundedDragon is wounded
maimed_dragonMaimedDragon is maimed
wroth_dragonWrothDragon is wroth
obedient_dragonObedientDragon is obedient
lazy_dragonLazyDragon is lazy
playful_dragonPlayfulDragon is playful
ravenous_dragonRavenousDragon is ravenous
lunatic_dragonLunaticDragon is a lunatic
affectionate_dragonAffectionateDragon is affectionate
shy_dragonShyDragon is shy
strong_dragonStrongDragon is strong
nimble_dragonNimbleDragon is nimble
fertile_dragonFertileDragon is fertile
sickly_dragonSicklyDragon was born sickly
fair_dragonFairDragon is beautiful
ugly_dragonUglyDragon is ugly

Religion Traits

Faith of the Seven

TraitIDTrait NameTrait Effect
septonSepton+2 diplomacy, +0.5 monthly piety
septaSepta+0.5 monthly piety
silent_sisterSilent Sister-10 diplomacy, +1 monthly piety


TraitIDTrait NameTrait Effect
red_priestRed Priest+4 learning, +0.5 monthly piety
favored_by_rhllorFavored By R’hllor+2 health
chosen_by_rhllorChosen By R’hllor+4 health
resurrected_by_rhllorResurrected By R’hllorimmortal, +0.25 piety and prestige
on_pilgrimageOn Pilgrimage+0.2 monthly piety

Drowned God

TraitIDTrait NameTrait Effect
drownedDrowned+4 martial, +0.5 monthly piety


TraitIDTrait NameTrait Effect
graceGrace+2 learning, +0.5 monthly piety


TraitIDTrait NameTrait Effect
warlockWarlock+4 learning, +0.5 monthly piety


TraitIDTrait NameTrait Effect
shadowbinderShadowbinder+4 learning, +0.5 monthly piety

Bearded Priests

TraitIDTrait NameTrait Effect
bearded_priestBearded Priest+4 martial, +2 learning, +0.5 monthly piety

Summer Gods

TraitIDTrait NameTrait Effect
love_priestLove Priest+4 learning, +0.5 monthly piety

Religious Sympathy

TraitIDTrait NameDescription
sympathy_westerosiSympathy for Westerosi GodsCharacter has sympathy for Westerosi religions
sympathy_drowned_godSympathy for Drowned GodCharacter has sympathy for the Drowned God
sympathy_essos_groupSympathy for Easern GodsCharacter has sympathy for Essosi religions
sympathy_ghiscar_relSympathy for the HarpyCharacter has sympathy for the Ghiscari religion
sympathy_valyrian_rel_groupSympathy for Valyrian FaithCharacter has sympathy for the Valyrian religion
sympathy_wildling_religionWildling SympathizerCharacter has sympathy for Wildlings
sympathy_sarnor_relSympathy for Sarnori GodsCharacter has sympathy for the Sarnori religion
sympathy_qarth_relSympathy for Qartheen GodsCharacter has sympathy for Qartheen religion
sympathy_far_east_groupSympathy for Far Eastern GodsCharacter has sympathy for Far Eastern religions
sympathy_ibben_relSympathy for Ibbenese GodsCharacter has sympathy for the Ibbenese religion
sympathy_dothraki_rel_groupSympathy for Dothraki GodsCharacter has sympathy for the Dothraki religion
sympathy_jogos_rel_groupSympathy for Jogos Nhai GodsCharacter has sympathy for the Jogos Nhai religion
sympathy_lhazar_rel_groupSympathy for Lhazareen GodsCharacter has sympathy for the Lhazareen religion
sympathy_summer_rel_groupSympathy for Summer Isle GodsCharacter has sympathy for the Summer Isle religion
sympathy_sothoryos_rel_groupSympathy for Sothoryi GodsCharacter has sympathy for the Sothoryi religion
sympathy_pirate_groupPirate SympathizerCharacter has sympathy for Pirates
sympathy_pagansSympathy for PagansCharacter has sympathy for Pagans

Dishonorable Traits


TraitIDTrait NameTrait Effect
dishonorable1Dishonorable-10 opinion
dishonorable2Dishonorable-20 opinion
dishonorable3Dishonorable-30 opinion
dishonorable4Dishonorable-40 opinion
dishonorable5Dishonorable-50 opinion
dishonorable6Dishonorable-60 opinion
dishonorable7Dishonorable-70 opinion
dishonorable8Dishonorable-80 opinion
dishonorable9Dishonorable-90 opinion
dishonorable10Dishonorable-100 opinion

Dynastic Stain

TraitIDTrait NameTrait Effect
dyn_dishonorable1Dynastic Stain-10 opinion
dyn_dishonorable2Dynastic Stain-20 opinion
dyn_dishonorable3Dynastic Stain-30 opinion
dyn_dishonorable4Dynastic Stain-40 opinion
dyn_dishonorable5Dynastic Stain-50 opinion
dyn_dishonorable6Dynastic Stain-60 opinion
dyn_dishonorable7Dynastic Stain-70 opinion
dyn_dishonorable8Dynastic Stain-80 opinion
dyn_dishonorable9Dynastic Stain-90 opinion
dyn_dishonorable10Dynastic Stain-100 opinion


TraitIDTrait NameTrait Effect
tyrant1Tyrant-5 opinion
tyrant2Tyrant-10 opinion
tyrant3Tyrant-15 opinion
tyrant4Tyrant-20 opinion
tyrant5Tyrant-25 opinion
tyrant6Tyrant-30 opinion
tyrant7Tyrant-35 opinion
tyrant8Tyrant-40 opinion
tyrant9Tyrant-45 opinion
tyrant10Tyrant-50 opinion
tyrant11Tyrant-55 opinion
tyrant12Tyrant-60 opinion
tyrant13Tyrant-65 opinion
tyrant14Tyrant-70 opinion
tyrant15Tyrant-75 opinion
tyrant16Tyrant-80 opinion
tyrant17Tyrant-85 opinion
tyrant18Tyrant-90 opinion
tyrant19Tyrant-95 opinion
tyrant20Tyrant-100 opinion

Tyrannical Stain

TraitIDTrait NameTrait Effect
tyrannical_stainTyrannical Stain-10 opinion

Ironborn Traits

TraitIDTrait NameTrait Effect
on_reavingOn Reaving+5 Drowned God opinion
salt_wifeSalt Wife-100 fertility
berserkerBerserker+4 martial
vikingViking+1 martial
ravagerRavager+2 martial
seakingSeaking+3 martial
sea_queenSea Queen+3 martial
adventurerAdventurer+1 martial

Slave Traits

TraitIDTrait NameDescription
slaveSlaveCharacter is a slave
slave_traderSlave TraderCharacter is a slave trader
slave_ownerSlave OwnerCharacter is a slave owner
former_slaveFormer SlaveCharacter is a freed slave
liberatorLiberatorCharacter is staunchly anti-slavery

Essos Traits

TraitIDTrait NameDescription
elephantElephantCharacter is a member of the Elephants political party
tigerTigerCharacter is a member of the Tigers political party
courtesanCourtesanCharacter is a courtesan and cannot marry
former_courtesanFormer CourtesanCharacter is a former courtesan
stakeholderStakeholderCharacter is a stakeholder in the Iron Bank

Dothraki Traits

TraitIDTrait NameDescription
dothrakiDothrakiCharacter is a member of the Dothraki
dosh_khaleenDosh KhaleenCharacter is a member of the Dosh Khaleen

Old Race Traits

TraitIDTrait NameDescription
giantGiantCharacter is a Giant
white_walkerWhite WalkerCharacter is a White Walker
cotfChildren of the ForestCharacter is one of the Children of the Forest

Special Traits

TraitIDTrait NameDescription
disinheritedDisinheritedCharacter removed from line of succession
declared_incapableDeclared IncapableCharacter declared incapable by Regent
in_hidingIn HidingCharacter is in hiding
undeadUndeadCharacter is a zombie
immortalImmortalCharacter is immortal (cannot die from old age)
cannibal_traitCannibalCharacter is a cannibal
the_markThe MarkCharacter has webbed hands and feet
fire_obsessedFire ObsessedCharacter is obsessed with fire
kinslayerKinslayerCharacter has murdered a blood relative
winterhornHorn of WinterA horn that once belonged to the wildling Joramun
peasant_leaderPeasant LeaderCharacter is a lowborn peasant leader

If you think we can improve this CK2 AGOT traits guide in some ways, make sure to leave a comment below.

And that is all you need to know about the traits in the CK2 AGOT mod. Check out other interesting CK2 guides and articles:

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