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Baldur’s Gate 3: What is the Worth of a Single Mortal Life? Right Answer

Baldur's Gate 3 What is the Worth of a Single Mortal Life Right Answer

After you manage to explore most of the Overgrown Ruins dungeon at the start of Baldur’s Gate 3, you will open a sarcophagus in the Dank Crypt, where a powerful-looking lich called Withers will ask you “What is the worth of a single mortal life?”

You can question him a bit further and drag it out, but he will require an answer to the question eventually. There will be a lot of options once you get the chance to answer him and you might wonder which choice would be the best.

What is the Worth of a Single Mortal Life?

  • No one life is worth more than any other. We are equal.
  • That depends on a person’s deeds.
  • Life’s only value is as currency. Doesn’t matter to me otherwise.
  • Each life is of infinite value and merits sacrificing everything for.
  • The only life that matters is mine.
  • Depends on the mortal.

These are the 6 basic answers that players can give to Withers, with a 7th one solely based on Race of the character talking to him.

What is the Correct Answer to Withers’ question?

Though most will assume there’s a right choice here, the answer is purely for roleplay. No matter what the character answers to Withers’ complex philosophical question, there will be no repercussions.

The peaceful undead will just react to the decision of the player in a negative or positive way, then continue on his merry way. Generally, Withers seems to praise morally correct choices and make negative comments regarding the selfish answers.

The only “bad” choice here would be to attack the lich, since he will take 0 damage in combat from each attack and will just comment on the futility of the action. Even if you don’t answer his question, Withers will appear later in camp and will embarrass the players some more for their attempt to defeat him.

Who is Withers Baldur’s Gate 3?

  • Withers is an invincible ancient Undead Skeleton.
  • He will become a camp follower in Act 1 and will remain there for the rest of the game.
  • He provides resurrection services for dead companions (200 gold each time) in camp.
  • He can respec characters’ classes for 100 gold.
  • He provides a service to recruit hirelings, fully customizable characters with no unique storyline or personal quests.

Throughout the game it is heavily implied that Withers is actually Jergal, The Final Scribe, Lord of Bones, The Lord of the End of Everything, who was the original God of Death before the Dead Three (Bane, Bhaal, and Myrkul).

Considering he calls himself “a scribe, a seneschal – a keeper of records,” it is quite easy to make the connection once enough lore has been revealed to the player.

And that is all you need to know about the answer to the “What is the worth of a single mortal life?” question in Baldur’s Gate 3. Check out other interesting BG3 guides and articles:

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