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Age of Decadence – Dead River Guide

Age of Decadence Dead River Guide

As you wander the world of Age of Decadence, you will stumble into some very interesting regions. One of these is the Dead River. Players that have managed to get to the end of the story know that they have to go to the Dead River to reach the final Temple of the game. However, how does one get past the Dead River in Age of Decadence? Here are your options and how to make them work.

How to Activate the Bridge at Dead River in Age of Decadence

Age of Decadence Dead River Bridge

At the end of Age of Decadence, it won’t matter which path you went, you will need to reach the Temple. There are 2 ways to reach this end-game location, either through the Dead River or through the Hellgate.

Again, there are 2 ways to get through the Dead River and reach the Temple in Age of Decadence:

  • Restore the Generator, Overload it, and Power the Bridge
  • Fight through a lot of Scorpions

The first option, to restore the generator, will require 8 Lore, 6 Crafting, and either the Eye of Thor-Agoth or the Yellow Sapphire.

To get the Eye of Thor-Agoth, there are 2 ways. Either need to have low Lore and get tricked by Feng into buying it, or become the champion of the arena.

Players can get the Yellow Sapphire by doing Nasir’s quest in Maadoran. You just have to talk to him, at the Carpet Diem store, and get his gem. However, don’t give it back.

The other way to get through the river is to fight a lot of scorpions. As long as you are not a killing machine, do not even think about this option.

Even if you are extremely powerful, fighting all these scorpions is going to take a toll on the hero, so make sure to prepare beforehand.

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